You are the Point


Sat, 27 Jan 2018 10:00am - 2:00pm


Early bird till 15 Jan: Rs 2,200

Students and artists – Rs 1,400

Angela Lamprianidou invites you to a choreographically appointment with yourself. Here, your voice will be the rhythm, your body the vehicle to move and feel, and your intellect the capacity of concentration and realisation.

This one is a review, a retrospection into your umbilical cord.

|| Structure ||

> This workshop will explore the conscious body as an entity of voice, body and mind
> There will be many playful group exercises along with explorations on a smaller scale, investing in both the personal and the ensemble experience
> You will be invited to reflect your own thoughts and feelings, through words, body exercises and breathing techniques

|| Benefits ||

> In a very playful way you will connect with your senses, your body and finally, with yourself as a person
> You will acknowledge and experience the body as a feeling-thinking entity
> You may develop a higher concentration level