Testimonials from past participants of the Alexander Technique

“I had a series of extremely helpful Alexander Technique lessons from Robin earlier this year. Robin is such a patient, knowledgeable and generous teacher. I left feeling wider and taller and armed with lots of tips and exercises to try at home as well as lots of new knowledge about the body and in fact I kept a notebook and wrote up each lesson afterwards as there was so much to take in! The lessons gave me a means to assess myself physically in greater depth than before and helped me to start to have a positive influence on how my body moves and feels. Thank you Robin!”

– Anna Stéphany (Internationally well-known professional Opera singer)

“Robin Simmons has extensive knowledge and experience in coaching which has helped me tremendously. As a professional musician, I am now able to rehearse and perform for long hours without pain. The improvements have helped to open up my breathing and improve my tone quality. Besides the huge benefit from private lessons, Robin has provided me with several techniques which I can practice on my own and are very useful for me to maintain a healthy condition. I highly recommend Robin as a coach.”

– Robert Pickup (Principal Clarinettist, Philharmonia Zürich)

“The experience put to shame all that I had heard of the technique. For it wasn’t only about posture. It was a lot about how we value and ‘see’ ourselves.” – a Bangalore workshop participant

“Post attending the sessions I have realised how much I abused my body. Thanks to Robin and Béatrice to throw some light on body awareness and self-help techniques.” – a client in Bangalore

“Being a physiotherapist, I really enjoyed the course.” – a Bangalore workshop participant

“I did three individual sessions. It was enlightening because while I knew my posture was not the best, I didn’t realise I was taking measures to overcorrect which was damaging in itself. Since the AT is based on anatomy it was easy to grasp the concept, be more aware of my alignment and Robin’s engaging conversation didn’t hurt. With 3 sessions I can already feel subtle differences.” – a client in Bangalore

“After hearing about the Alexander Technique briefly in UK, I have been looking for someone in Bangalore and luckily I found Robin just at the right time. Excessive time working on the computer and incorrect posture meant I had terrible pain in my shoulder. Just after a few personal sessions with Robin this greatly reduced. But what I learnt the most was where I was putting extra tension on my body all the time during the day. After learning some basics I was able to spot where I am misaligning myself on a day-to-day basis. Making these small changes has helped me greatly. I’m grateful for finding Robin and will look forward to continuing with him, thank you.” – a client in Bangalore

“Thank you for the evolution of movement, I experienced amazing relaxation of muscles on the second day of the training itself. I started practicing AT from your CD which I took from Shoonya and the pain which I was complaining about just got reduced to 99%. :)” – a Bangalore workshop participant