1-on-1 Lessons

To successfully learn the Alexander Technique, private lessons from a qualified teacher are recommended. During lessons, the teacher helps you recognise and identify your habit patterns, which are often not so obvious. Although basic principles can be conveyed in a group setting, habitual patterns of thought and action must be addressed individually. During the lessons, you learn to employ the Technique in daily life activities, such as sitting, standing, walking, breathing, bending and so on. People engaged in specific activities like playing a musical instrument or singing are given particular ways of working to overcome difficulties and improve performance.

You translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual, into muscular tension. – F. M. Alexander

Guidelines for 1-on-1 lessons

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Carry a notebook and pen/pencil with you to take notes during or after your lesson.
  • Please note that if you miss a scheduled lesson, fees will not be refunded. Cancellations/rescheduling can be done with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.
  • Children 15 years or younger should be accompanied by an adult.

45-minute lessons; open to people of all ages

Three Lessons — ₹3,500
₹1,000 for every additional lesson.
Please contact us to enquire about how many lessons might be best recommended for you.

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Please call (77608 32226) or write to us (info@shoonyaspace.com) to book and enquire. (Only limited appointment slots available.)

Common examples of misuse

In lessons, your individual manner of employing your whole coordination and breathing are explored so as to help you discover how to minimise your ways of acting that may be limiting your performance in anything you wish to do. Most people find they get taller, their movement becomes more fluid and easy and their breathing deepens, whilst at the same time the difficulties and troubles they may have become progressively mitigated and often get resolved. People find they gain a more positive attitude to life and more interest in moment-by-moment living. The Alexander Technique is a practical process that can be used in all aspects of life, even in just sitting or walking or bending. Ordinary activities take on a special quality.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique will give you a totally new experience of yourself. It involves practical ways of ridding yourself of hidden or unwanted tensions. It awakens and enlivens your 6th sense of kinaesthesia. You learn to abandon old habits of over tensing yourself to do everything or collapsing and slumping in ‘repose’.

By learning to use yourself better your health and functioning improve and you increase your sense of general well-being. It has been the ‘in’ secret of musicians, singers and actors since Alexander began teaching in 1894. Medical experts often recommend the technique to assist in recovery from surgery, to combat pain and deal with back problems and breathing troubles. Yet the widespread application of the technique makes it relevant for anyone, and people of all ages and backgrounds take lessons. Many people take lessons to forestall faulty postural habits becoming habitual and potentially damaging.

“My pain has gone, and I feel much better able to manage any recurrence.

“I learnt that I could use my back as an integrated and flexible whole instead of moving as if I were several separate segments. Wow! I became a new person!

“You gave me my body back!

“I left feeling lengthened, widened, and more confident.”