Intuitive Expression through Sound

Healing Music

Fri, 08 Jun 2018 4 PM - 7 PM

|| Details ||

What: Intuitive Expression workshop through Sound and Sound Healing
When: June 8th, 9th
Time: 4PM – 7PM
Fee: Rs 2500
Discounted Fee: Rs 2000 for students (please email us at <> to apply for this discount beforehand)

|| About the workshop ||

The easiest way to express we have forgotten and come up with harder and harder ways to do so .This workshop is directly addressing that by going through a module which encompasses indigenous traditions and contemporary therapies.

We will time travel through guided journeys to find a natural space within us and use sound techniques from around the globe such as from the Inuits of Alaska, the forests of Africa and the cold deserts of Mongolia. We will play, learn and experiment with various sound expressions to trigger the unknown within us.

Sound is also a great tool to release emotions so we will be doing a lot of exercises that can be taken back home and worked with for years to come. We will also be doing energywork with sound to experience the magnitude of the power of sound and its ability to transport us.

The voice was the first instrument given to man and singing is the fastest way to express the moment. Let us journey into the world of our voice and re establish the connection with our primordial self with no lyrics ,no words and thus no boundaries.

|| About the Facilitator ||

Vishesh Kalimero is a musician, sound therapist and workshop leader from Delhi who has been traveling for the last 9 years in search of self. He has worked with various indigenous therapies in South America and North east India. His vision is to share the meeting of the old and new, the meeting of shamanism and contemporary ways and to share the healing properties of sound and how it can trigger the subconscious. He has performed and facilitated workshops extensively in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Japan and Guatemala.