DramainEducation Jams

Community Event



Come and meet fellow theatre educator’s in this organic space that runs without a meta-facilitator. Everything we do is planned and curated by only the people in the room. That too, democratically.

We meet up on third Sunday every month, at 10:30 am at Shoonya to just jam for 2 1/2 hours, run exercises, try out new things, and experience other’s ideas and styles.

Only 4 essential agreements:
-We start on time, end on time, and adhere to time (when running an excercise)
-It is a drama safe space.
-The people who are in the room are the right people – always!
-Everyone participates throughout.

We open with a ritual and agenda setting for half an hour.Agenda Setting:
We have three areas, tune ins (30 mins), engagements (50 Mins), reflection (1 Hour).
5 Min Water Breaks between each.
Participants can put down exercises on a chart paper on the wall (and time taken) that they would like to try under each category.
The group collectively decides what the agenda is for the 2.5 hours and runs it. By just ticking the exercises they really want to do.
Reflection exercises should allow us to reflect on what we experienced that day.
The rest is chai, charcha, discussions, around theatre projects, workshop projects, education projects, general sharing, inviting, and other kinds of fun that you would love to have with such like minded souls as yours.

We would love to see you there, as we know you love this work, and we know all of us have so much to learn from each other – always.

Brough to you by Theatre Professionals Education, Mumbai.