Alexander Technique for Pregancy

The Alexander Technique has been used to help women through pregnancy and birthing from the very earliest years of its discovery by F.M. Alexander. Alexander was asked by doctors to help women use their bodies optimally to assist them with such issues as supporting the growing foetus (backache is a well-known hazard for pregnant women), plus instructing them in full, free breathing whilst birthing.

There are two excellent books out written by modern teachers of the Technique concerning matters around this important life subject. The Alexander Technique Birth Book by Ilana Machover and Angela & Jonathan Drake, and The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth by Brita Forsstrom & Mel Hampson.

Pregnancy and giving birth require a high degree of efficient body use and breathing. The Alexander Technique meets the need to instruct women in all aspects of their pregnancy through the birthing experience and beyond into aspects of body use related to baby care. Women who are pregnant for the first time discover they are required to perform many aspects of body use and body management that are unusual for them. Expert guidance and learning to apply the Alexander Technique can be of vital assistance during this time.

We organise public and private workshops for pre- and post-natal groups, or one may also book private 1-on-1 lessons with the teachers.

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