Voice & Expression – Rasa, Fitzmaurice Voicework® & Vachika

Music Somatic Theater Voice

Tue, 24 Mar 2020 24th March to 29th March
10.00am - 6.00pm

Full workshop 6 days : INR 16,000 || 3 Days Fitzmaurice voicework : INR 9000 || 3 days Basic Rasa Introduction : INR 9000

•Voice & Expression (6 days – 10am to 6pm)
Full workshop: 16000/- (lunch included)
•3 days Introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework® only – 9000/- (lunch included)
•3 days Introduction to basic theory and Practice of Rasa – 9000/- (lunch included)

•Voice and Expression•
Fitzmaurice Voicework® & Vachika
Exploring Nava Rasa – the alphabet of empathetic expression
Facilitator: Mallika Prasad Sinha
~Presence, Power and Play~

This workshop will explore two powerful pathways to access and harness emotions for performance, expression and human connection.

24th March to 29th March
10.00am – 6.00pm
Fees –
•Voice & Expression (6 days – 10am to 6pm)
Full workshop: 16000/- (lunch included)
•3 days Introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework® only – 9000/- (lunch included)
•3 days Introduction to basic theory and Practice of Rasa – 9000/- (lunch included)

-For actors, voice artists, singers, spoken-word poets, story tellers and dancers
-For speakers looking to develop presence and improve their communication skills
-For artists seeking a connection between body-breath-mind and creativity

||About Fitzmaurice Voicework®

Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a comprehensive, holistic approach to voice training, originally developed for actors, it’s now used in many fields to help people with a wide range of needs. Fitzmaurice Voicework® focuses on the whole human voice. It can support speaking for performance, public speaking, singing, voice with movement, vocal rehabilitation, developing greater presence, and so much more.
Fitzmaurice Voicework® is taught widely in academic institutions, including the Yale School of Drama, Harvard University/American Repertory Theatre’s Institute for Advanced Theatre Training, New York University’s Graduate Acting Program (and some NYU undergraduate studios), the University of California-Irvine, and many other places around the world.

||About Vachika

I have developed and compiled a battery of vocal exercises over two decades of working as an actor and being involved in actor training – which I call my Vachika bag of tricks. These are practical exercises that develop vocal power, strengthen the voice, increase resonance, and reduce vocal fatigue. These exercises also address some issues related to articulation. The Sanskrit alphabet will be used as a phonetic base and participants will be introduced to the method of sensorial recognition of point of articulation.

You will learn to shift away from unhealthy vocal habits and learn new ones that support your voice to communicate intention and feeling without too much effort. You will also learn useful tools for dealing with stress and anxiety related to public speaking. A great learning for all participants is a personal warm-up routine that we will make together that addresses your specific vocal needs.

||About Nava Rasa

Rasa is at the heart of classical Indian aesthetics. In this workshop we will explore how this concept of Rasa translates in the body, voice and imagination.
We will explore the Nava Rasa as building blocks to enable creative expression. This basic palette allows us to engage with the intricate and complex tapestry of emotions in daily life.
The purpose of the work is to enable participants to access their emotional content in a safe and guided manner, and direct it into creative expression. This practice helps participants cultivate resourceful states.

||About the facilitator

I trained as a performer at the National School of Drama, Delhi and Goldsmiths College, University of London. Since 1998, I have worked as an actor and director across media – TV, film and theatre. Sharing what I have learned in all these years to support performers in bettering their craft brings me great joy.

I use a variety of approaches to teach. I draw from principles in Yoga, Kalaripayattu, Butoh, my experience as an actor, and working with other actors in India and South-East Asia. I also have the privilege of learning from many wonderful teachers. Some of them are Khalid Tyabji, Veenapani Chawla, Anuradha Kapur, Anamika Haksar, Sue Weston, Marie-Gabrialle Rotie, Steve Paxton and more recently, by Saul Kotzubei, Ilse Pfeifer, Cynthia Bassham, and Catherine Fitzmaurice.