Shoonya is a non-profit, multi-arts centre in the heart of Bangalore on Lalbagh Road. A light-filled space surrounded by beautiful palm trees, Shoonya is envisioned to be a platform for art and somatic practices.

It has been thoughtfully designed for people of different artistic disciplines and somatic practices to create, connect and collaborate. We offer a space for artists and the community to engage; an open and nourishing environment for people from diverse cultures and ages to impart knowledge and share experiences around creativity, performance, holistic health and education.

Shoonya was founded in 2014 by the Ollapally family in memory of Joseph Ollapally.

Our vision

A space to learn, explore and experience, Shoonya seeks to further the growth of the arts and somatic practices through carefully curated programmes as well as by supporting practitioners and artists in meaningful ways. We hope to increase community participation in these areas and enable collaborations on a national and international level.

Our activities

At Shoonya, we host and curate events and activities that are designed towards helping you find new depths of engagement with yourself and the world around you. Alongside, we constantly endeavour to support the artistic process in every way we can.

Research and artistic practice

Workshops and classes specially curated for practitioners, students and professional artists who are looking to deepen their knowledge and skills, train in a somatic practice and work on their craft rigorously.

Community engagement

Open to all – artists and non-artists – with varied experience levels, our community engagement efforts take the form of classes / workshops / performances / discussions and more. A significant way to immerse in the arts and somatic practices, these events give you the opportunity to explore, experiment and experience.

Our studios are also open to those working in allied fields to hire for their programmes.

What we offer

Broaden your horizons through:

  • Community classes and workshops
  • Performances, film screenings and exhibitions
  • Use of our infrastructure for rehearsals
  • Residencies and certified training programmes
  • Discussion forums and various other events

Come witness unique ideas and methods of expression that could widen your perception. We are open to partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our values and interests, and welcome interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.

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Volunteers and interns are welcome to join our team. Read more here.

Supporting the arts

Shoonya is involved in a number of artistic projects that need the support of businesses and patrons to sustain – and to excel. We have a number of opportunities for supporters of the arts to meaningfully lend financial and other resources to innovative and deserving artists, students and projects. Please get in touch with us if you are interested to know more about how you can be a part of our patronage programme or about the projects you can support.

Shoonya is a safe space for all peoples. We embrace diversity in all its forms. We are a non-judgmental space for gathering, dialogue and exploration.

Grateful thanks to

Michel Casanovas for helping to conceptualise the space and shape Shoonya’s identity. Juee Deogaokar, Anish Victor, Harshika Amin, Sammitha Srivastava, Aruna Manjunath, Pankhuri Agrawal, Aishwarya Kumar, Dayita Nereyeth, Tapshi Dhanda, Natalia Rebecca Isaac, Badrinarayanan Seetharaman and Devika Tamia Arora who made valued contributions of their time, energy and perspective along the way.

Pallavi Nopany for our beautiful logo. “The zen circle according to japenese philosophy is supposed to be done in one uninhibited stroke, and is a reflection of your mind. The wordmark contains the infinity symbol, which is both the same, the opposite and the corollary of zero, mathematically and philosophically.”