Skink Tattoos

at Shoonya by Arun Reetha

Arun is an amazing visual artist who found his calling with tattoos. Mostly self-taught(!) and then mentored by senior tattoo artists, Arun believes tattoos are a powerful medium and vehicle for self-expression and actualisation. And we whole-heartedly agree. A tool and skill used by communities since time immemorial, body art is a very transformative and beautiful practice and sharing. Tattoos can be lasting reminders, affirmations, proclamations or celebrations of life, love, the self, healing, passion, dreams and purpose.

Arun has vast experience painting all kinds of styles, from realistic to tribal, portraits and geometrics, black and grey to colours, shading, small-sized tattoos to full body suits, cover-ups, and modifications of old tattoos and birthmarks. His linework is immaculate and precise. And his designs are the work of a true artist.

Shoonya is a safe, hygienic, friendly atmosphere for all peoples. Getting a tattoo is a big decision and making the perfect choice to get tattooed at the right place under the right artist is very important. Arun’s job is, in his own words, “to offer you his advice and skills, to finally give you a beautiful work of art on your body.” You can rest assured that you are in the hands of an expert.

Pure vegan pigments and inks only.
Can work with your design or design for your needs as well.
By appointment.
Pricing depends a lot on the design.
Call 77608 32226 to enquire/book an appointment with Arun at Shoonya.

Take a look at some of his detailed and beautiful past work below, covering a range of themes and styles: