The Name Project – Pandemic Edition

For Children Theater

17th May & 31st May  12pm and 4pm 17th May & 31st May 
12pm and 4pm

INR 150

17th May & 31st May
12pm and 4pm

After two heart touching, honest and incredibly moving editions of The Name Project centred around Family and Women respectively, at our physical space, we reached out to Zui of Theatre Lab (Youth) to bring this wonderful format of interactive performance to the Digital Realm
We were lucky, as a team, to be the first group to attend the digital version of the project and so we are thrilled beyond a doubt to invite you all to attend the first Pandemic Edition of The Name Project.

An intimate, Interactive – Performative Theatre series.
Open to only 10 participants per session.

The NAME Project is a documentary theatre series designed and directed by Zui Kumar-Reddy. It is designed as an aggregator of the very first marking we are assigned – Our Names.

The Name Project – Pandemic Edition, aims to look at our identities, through the lens of our name and it’s relationship with the natural world.
•If your name were a sound, where would it fit amongst the sounds of the first monsoon rain? Amongst the chattering of the parakeets before sunset? If your name was a texture would it be found amongst the wet earth or the waxy surface of fresh mango leaves?•

Date : 17th and 31st May
12pm & 4pm
INR 150

Has it been a while since you had a chance to spend some time with your entire family? Or a group of Friends who would meet every week?
Do you miss hanging out with your colleagues?
This is an ideal gift to bring them all together, and share a few moments of interconnectedness in these unusual times.
Get in touch with us if you wish to buy group tickets.

|| About the Artist

Zui Kumar Reddy completed her Bsc. in Biology at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, she has since been living in Bangalore where she has been working towards a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.
In 2015 she won a National Short Story competition, hosted by DNA and Out of Print Magazine for her work ‘Anagrams and Barbed Wire Jesus’, in the same year she was awarded the Gender Bender Grant to make her music video ‘Goef Josef’ on the subject of female desire in India. The video went on to be screened at the Femme’s Art’s Video Festival in Los Angeles, as well as the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Her opinion piece ‘Holy Cows and Holy Basil’, that addressed the issues of the cultural appropriation ‘trend’ in the western world, initially published in The Odyssey Online, was republished in Homegrown magazine in 2017. Her academic paper ‘Immoral Art vs. Immoral Action’ was a selected reading for the Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican, London in 2018.

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