Theatre Fundamentals


Sun, 01 Mar 2020 10 am - 04.30pm


Theatre is a place of action. Stories unfold and characters come alive. We journey along, experience various moods and in the process – we raise questions. Important ones.

None of this can happen without the actor. And that’s the fundamental task of theatre- That an actor feeds life into the performance with their bodies and minds. That they approach the act with clarity and commitment.

This workshop will address just that – The fundamentals of theatre.

Stage Fundamentals – How does an actor occupy space? From the way we stand to how we move, can we approach every moment with intent and purpose?
Character Fundamentals – How can we understand the layers that make a character? How can we approach subtext through the body, emotion and gestures?
Voice Fundamentals – How can we play with the range that our voices offer? and can that add unique dimensions to the part that we are playing?
Improv Fundamentals – How can we go through a series of creative tasks that help us understand the possibilities that the performance can offer? From folklore to news articles, how can we respond to various stimuli in performative ways.
Group Fundamentals – Theatre is about working together. How can a group of actors come together to make and create the performance moment?

In this one day workshop, we will share an actor’s process towards approaching a role. Towards approaching a story and how one moves towards performance. Consider this a diving board into a world of possibilities. It is an exploration of what you can do and what theatre can do for you.

Who can participate?

From Aspiring actors to practicing performers – this workshop will be relevant to those interested in telling a story – with authenticity, clarity and practice.

The workshop will be facilitated by Aditya Garg of Visual Respiration

About Aditya Garg:

Aditya Garg is a theatre maker based in Bangalore. He is interested in exploring text, slice of life moments and movement to bring a character to life. He has worked in the theatre ecosystem in Mumbai and Bangalore. He has toured his shows across India and is currently touring Stand on the Street, an Immersive performance about Street Food vendors, recently ran packed houses at The Hindu Theatre Festival. He is also a Theatre Coach and is currently performing Under Pressure -a performance about sustainability.

About Visual Respiration

We are a performance company based in Bangalore. We make performance that is sensorial and engage audiences in unique ways. The company was founded in 2012 by Aruna Ganesh Ram. Since then, we have constantly explored forms and material. We create work in areas of the self, gender, food and sustainability.