The Spaces Between Us

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•The Spaces Between Us•
A Meeting Place
Human Connection ~ Art ~ Community

Here we are in lockdown and without an idea of how the post Covid world will be. As an artspace we were as stumped as everyone else. We unanimously chose to not rush into creating new programs, platforms or projects just yet.

We decided to connect with each other, to listen and to keep an eye on the artists that make our space what it is and breathe life into our existence. We also decided to turn our attention to our community – friends, students, audiences, patrons, mentors, online followers and strangers who we hope to reach out to and connect to art and self.

If connection is what we hold most precious, then that is something we commit to even through physical distancing.
Many artists have embraced us and left their traces and impact upon us. The energy at Shoonya has always been an open, multidisciplinary and collective force.

If you are for some reason (and there are so many) feeling a little doubtful of your place in the larger collective, anxious about the loss of a world you were deeply invested in, carrying grief, fear or dread. Or even if you are feeling fine, curious, yearning for human engagement or just entertainment – we would like to curate a multisensory experience made solely for you.

Perhaps someone you know needs hope, cheer and a little art based loving.

Talk to us, get in touch and we will tell you more.
The time and duration will depend on you and on what our artists decide is optimum for your experience.

The Spaces Between Us is a chance to experience a performance based, sensory, one time event created for you – based on what you miss, crave, need, are simply curious about or even that has special significance to you.

We will of course need your help to curate this. All you need to do is get in touch and trust us a little bit. You can have this all for yourself or share it online with a friend of family or perfect stranger ! It’s upto you.
It has been hard to accept that we cannot gather together and witness live performance. This has been our offering and our purpose since 2004 and make no mistake, nothing can replace live performance.

However we decided to try innovating and connecting even during lockdown, via the online realm. We can experience artists from different places and timezones and for a change have the time and stillness for something longer than sixty minutes. How can we be enriched through the arts, food, interactive set ups and other worlds that are now collaborating – even in these challenging times. We are resolute on staying connected and keeping your engagement with the arts alive

We look forward to making this a reality. Starting now. Just reach out.

To start off the process please email :
Subject line : The Spaces Between Us
We look forward to hearing from you.