The Name Project : Women’s Day Edition


Sun, 08 Mar 2020 8th March


The Name Project : Women’s Day Edition
A Documentary Theatre series
by Theatre Lab (Youth)
Sunday, 8th March

The Name Project is a documentary theatre series designed around names and Onomastics, the study of names.
A name is a word by which a person, thing, or set of things is known. Woman /noun /meaning : adult human female, is the name that we are going to focus on this March 8th at Shoonya.

The audience will be asked to partake in and then share an exercise. There will be an installation and a performance. The Name Project Women’s Day edition. “Woman is a mixture of Mercury and Asteroids. Woman. Half Cat and Lion. Woman. Can carry a building and close the door. Woman, I was a part of woman. And Woman will always be a part of me, my X chromosome stored safely in the treasure chest of my Pharynx. Woman. From the battle of Waterloo to the Earth exploding. No lists, and no days. Just, Imma Boss, Woman.”

|| About the Artists
Theatre Lab is about children, theatre and the heart. We aim to give children the space to explore drama, have fun and engage with the world around them.