Crossed Pathways

Dance-Movement Music Somatic

First Sunday of every month 5.00pm - 7.00pm


Crossed Pathways – Movement Improvisation, Listening, Sensing & Being


First Sunday of each month.

5.00pm – 7.00pm
Rs. 300
Open to experienced movers and those interested in exploring Movement.

Crossed Pathways is a 2 hours exploratory sound and movement experiential workshop using structured improvisation tasks as tools to enable anyone to tap into the source of their inner creativity in the form of movement, somatic awareness, being connected to other bodies, time and space as well as sound.

The sessions are for anyone wanting to enhance their movement vocabulary, occasionally awaken their inner secret musicians and try out some contact improvisation tasks.
The sessions are open to bodies of all shapes, religions, sizes and ages; they are for those who have already gone through some journey with movement as well as those who are planning to begin now.

The Touch of Sound is a Bangalore based collective of improvising musicians and movers interested in exploring new ways of creativity.

Chandan Channakeshava is a sound explorer, a didgeridoo musician and a creative being enjoying giving sound to anything that his hands touch.
Asha Ponikiewska is an expressive arts therapist, mover, teacher and artist, but first of all a human being.