1-on-1 Alexander Technique Sessions

Health Somatic
Individual Sessions

Mon, 01 Oct 2018 1 - 25 OCT 2018
45 mins per session

Price: Rs 4,800/- for 3 sessions; Rs 7,000/- for 5 sessions;
Rs 10,800/- for 9 sessions

“You gave me my body back!”


What: Individual/private sessions in Alexander Technique with Robin-John Simmons
Date: 1st Oct to 25th Oct
Time: Scheduled after the registration
Price: Rs 4,800/- for 3 sessions; Rs 7,000/- for 5 sessions; Rs 10,800/- for 9 sessions
25 appointment slots open

Please call on 7760832226 or write to us at info@shoonyaspace.com to inquire about the time slots available and to register
For: Open to all above the age of 18


Developed by F. Matthias Alexander in 1894 this technique is essentially a self-help system that promotes better health by improving posture, coordination and breathing. The benefit of the work is most visible in regular individual sessions with a practitioner, which is why the 5- and 9-session packages!

It is used by people from all backgrounds and all ages in the arts, in offices and businesses, at home, in all sporting activities. It is of interest to therapists, performers (actors, singers, dancers, musicians), athletes, runners, golfers and swimmers. Doctors frequently recommend a course of AT to their patients to assist with poor posture, whiplash injury, all kinds of back problems (including slipped discs) or with respiratory troubles. Many well known celebrities, performers, sportspersons and those in high stress environments take lessons to manage stress and improve their performance in whatever they do.

The Alexander Technique gives you a totally new experience of yourself – a harmonious integration of body and mind.

Unconscious tension is released, you feel lighter, gain more life energy, move with greater freedom and breathe more deeply. The self-help method teaches you greater consciousness of your posture, breathing, thinking and movement patterns. This has a therapeutic effect.

It is widely used by people to:
1. Help relieve pain
2. Improve performance and coordination in any activity
3. For prevention of injury and fatigue
4. Release unnecessary tension
5. Find a balanced, flowing, and powerful expression of self
6. To improve and enhance the practice of artists like actors, musicians, dancers, and performers



During the lessons, the teacher helps you recognise and identify your habit patterns which often are not so obvious. By teaching you how to employ the technique in daily life activities like sitting, standing, walking, breathing, bending and so on, you are easily able to apply a better way of functioning in whatever you do. So the technique is more than a therapy because you learn how to master your own way of using yourself.

Specific activities like playing a musical instrument or singing are given particular ways of working that are suitable to overcome individual difficulties and improve performance. The Alexander Technique is taught as a fundamental process in all the major music colleges in England including the Royal Academy and the Royal College. It is also taught at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and to help business people with stress management at business colleges throughout the UK. It is also used by sportspeople. Members of the British Olympic coxless 4’s crew in the Athens Olympics 2004 who won the gold medal used the Alexander Technique in their preparation.

People who have prior experience with Robin’s work or the technique are welcome to register, to further their individual growth. The benefit of the work is most seen in regular individual sessions with a practitioner.



Robin John Simmons (SBAT MSTAT) has been teaching and practising the Alexander Technique for over 40 years and is Director of Training of his Alexander Teacher training school ATLAZ, in Zürich, as well as T’ai Chi, Nordic Walking, Dart Evolution Procedures, ad is the author of ‘The Evolution of Movement’.
See more here: http://www.alexander-technik-schweiz.com/