Alexander Technique for Sport

In all sport and fitness activities, the Technique will help you become more aware of how you think and move. Central to the Technique is recognising that how you use yourself – mind and body – affects the way you function. Improved body use means minimum effort for maximum efficiency.

An Alexander teacher will work with you to analyse movement and help you to optimise your performance. Any sporting activity – swimming, running, tennis, golf, skiing, horse riding, football, cricket, rowing, all racket sports, athletics etc. – can be enhanced by applying the Technique and it has been employed at the top tiers of sport in the west.

Benefits of the Technique are:

  1. Improve posture
  2. Awaken and enliven the sixth sense—kinaesthesia 
  3. Relieve pain (especially for joint-related or spinal issues)
  4. Enhance performance and coordination in all activities 
  5. Prevent injury and fatigue
  6. Release unnecessary tension
  7. Find a balanced, flowing and powerful expression of the self
  8. Improve coordination and skill

You can boost performance by:

  1. Improving balance and coordination
  2. Improving breathing
  3. Reducing strain and stress
  4. Promoting freedom of movement
  5. Facilitating healthy recovery
  6. Reducing the risk of injury

Two great, succinct reads:
The Alexander Technique – A Gift for Sportspeople – by Michael Stenning
The Alexander Technique and Sports Performance – by Adam Bailey