Alexander Technique for musicians 

Musicians constitute the largest group of those both interested and enthusiastic about the Alexander Technique. The immediate feedback that musicians get from their instrument or that singers get from their voice at once confirms them of the value of engaging the Alexander Technique whilst playing or singing. Musicians appreciate that the quality of the sound they make can be strongly influenced by the way they use their body and the way they coordinate themselves when playing or singing.

When first employing the Alexander Technique in their playing they immediately notice they can produce the improved quality of sound they want. That is why the Alexander Technique is firmly established in all the top music colleges in the UK. In fact, at the Royal College of Music, there is an actual department of the Alexander Technique and all students at the RCM must gain awareness of how to apply the Technique to their music making. The Royal Academy and the Guildhall school of music in London have also had the Alexander Technique available for students for very many years.

“I have worked with many top musicians and singers both in the Classical and the Pop music worlds. At present I have 5 professional and top-rank amateur musicians taking private lessons with me. Many musicians get so enthusiastic about the Alexander Technique they themselves train to become teachers. The Alexander Teacher at the Julliard school in New York, for example, was previously a trumpet player.” – Robin Simmons

“Robin Simmons has extensive knowledge and experience of the Alexander Technique which has helped me tremendously. As a professional musician I am now able to rehearse and perform for long hours without pain. The improvements have helped to open up my breathing and improve my tone quality. Besides the huge benefit from private lessons, Robin has provided me with several techniques which I can practice on my own and are very useful for me to maintain a healthy condition. I highly recommend Robin as an Alexander teacher.” – Robert Pickup (Principal Clarinettist, Philharmonia, Zürich)