What’s the matter?


Sat, 20 Jul 2019 20 & 21 July
7.30 PM


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WHEN: July 20 and 21 | 7.30 PM

Can trauma be the gateway to the numinous?
Can the feminine matrix be accessed directly via the dreaming body?

What’s the matter? – a ‘moving words’ performance exploring the feminine via dreams, archetypes, images and embodied writing.

“Sifting through the ashes of our broken hopes, empty stereotypes, inflated ideals we let the dead world go and at the same time attend to the new energy flowing in from life’s source. This source is universally recognized as the feminine. To enter the source is also to enter the chthonic place of power, often a womb like cave. Its released energy is so immense and chaotic that human identity can be swallowed up, as it tended to be in the bacchantes sacred dance. The terror of the breaking down of boundaries, love instead of power” – Marion Woodman

Anitha Santhanam is a seasoned performer and facilitator with over a decade of work in dance and theatre in India and abroad. She is a two time awardee of the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship, through which she completed a two year Advanced Diploma in Creating Theatre and Performance and Pedagogocal training in Lecoq based work from LISPA London.

Her work as director includes Bhima, Mundhirikotte, Beyond the Bubble, Un-tell Re-tell, No-tell, The Flowering Tree and Dhuddu Kaasu Dabbu Currency. As an actor her recent work includes Fish Tree Moon written by Yo Sup Bae and Monkey and the Mobile by Rajiv Krishnan. Earlier work includes Ms Meena, An Arrangement of Shoes and Vanaprastham.

She is a faculty on the FECAT (an expressive arts therapy training) program at SMART, Bangalore. With creativity and self-exploration and expression as its core, her work spans performance, therapy and education.