What is the Alexander Technique?!


Sun, 03 Feb 2019 10 AM - 1 PM


Have you been wondering what the Alexander Technique is and why you should experience it?

Many people have been asking us for more information about the technique, and unfortunately, we do have to say that beyond a point – you must experience it to feel its effect and value.

So, we have spoken to Robin Simmons (your incredibly gifted teacher and therapist) about doing a 3-hour open session to give you a taste.

We have two amazing opportunities for you to go deeper into the practice and feel the full effect on your body.
1. There is an amazing intensive 2-week programme starting 5th February: Alexander Technique – Continuous Learning Programme
2. Or you could also book a package of individual/private consultations between 3rd to 19th February

If you are on the fence about either, come by Sunday morning – get a taste, meet Robin himself, meet the team and ask your questions. You’ll definitely learn something more about your body and the technique and you’ll get to see first hand if this is for you. And we promise you that after meeting Robin, you’ll be a lot more convinced.

If you decide to sign up for the Continuous Learning Programme or book some sessions, the Rs. 500 will be subtracted from that fee.

Who is this for?
– sportspeople, athletes
– therapists
– orthopaedics
– performers
– musicians
– singers, actors, dancers
– people with back, neck or joint ailments
– working professionals in high-stress environments
– anyone interested in more efficient use of their body
Open to all ages

About Alexander Technique

Developed by F. Matthias Alexander in 1894 the Alexander Technique is essentially a re-educative self-help system that promotes better health by improving posture, coordination and breathing. It is used by people from all backgrounds and all ages both in the arts, in offices and businesses, at home and in all sporting activities. Doctors frequently recommend a course of lessons to their patients to assist with poor posture, whiplash injury, all kinds of back problems (including slipped discs) or with respiratory troubles. Many well-known celebrities and performers take lessons to manage stress and improve their performance in whatever they do.

What are the applications of the Alexander Technique?

• To improve poor posture and relieve troublesome tension.
• To assist in coping with severe physical pains or difficulties, coordination problems, or voice or breathing difficulties.
• To prevent yourself from getting into difficulties from poor postural habits in the future.
• To improve your performance at playing a musical instrument or in a sports activity.
• To present yourself better in a business setting or give more effective presentations.
• To look your best! And reduce stress effectively.

The Technique begins to help you alter and improve your coordination, breathing and daily actions straight away. In this way your habitual ways of doing things are shown up and you soon discover alternative ways of carrying out any action with less effort and more awareness. You can begin to change these habits at once by applying the basics of the Technique. Teachers often give pupils ways of training so that habit patterns change in a general way by employing what Alexander called “positions of mechanical advantage”.

About the Practitioner

Robin John Simmons (SBAT MSTAT) has been teaching and practising the Alexander Technique for over 40 years and is Director of Training of his Alexander Teacher Training School ATLAZ, in Zürich. He also teaches T’ai Chi, Nordic Walking, Dart Evolution Procedures, and is the author of ‘The Evolution of Movement’.

See more here: http://www.alexander-technik-schweiz.com/