Under Pressure


Sat, 13 Jul 2019 13 & 14 July
7.30 PM


**Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
**Limited tickets available at the venue
**Rights of admission reserved

WHEN: July 13 and 14 | 7.30 PM

The performance will examine the domino effect of Individual choice and environmental consequence. From exploring themes of consumerism, minimal living, indigenous wisdom, the life of trees and the politics of nature, the performance proposes to present multiple perspectives – the policy maker, the rag picker, the environmentalist, the 8000 year old tree and extinct birds. The performance is a sensory montage moving between the realms of reality and surrealism, inviting the audience to question and reflect upon their own view point and their relationship with the earth.

The story of a Mango tree, a larger than life plastic puppet (Upcycled), political speeches, embodied movement, heartfelt storytelling and shocking facts come together to expose perspectives, processes and priorities when it comes to the environment, leaving us to answer what can we do and how can we live in oneness with the environment?

Devised by
Deepika Chauhan, Asha Ponikiewska and Aditya Garg

Directed by Aruna Ganesh Ram

Environment and Prop Design by Natasha Sharma & Manush John
Costume Design by Sachi Rival
Sound Design by MT Aditya
Video Design by Vishal K Swamy & Vishnu Vellimattom
Graphic Design by Manush John
Documentation by Vishnu Vellimattom & Palak Jain