The Wild Unknown


Sat, 23 Jun 2018 715 PM - 830 PM


“My body is made up earth. It’s fascinating how the vastness of ether exists both inside of me as much as the outside. I close my eyes and dive into the clouds. I feel the air breathing life into my consciousness. The water inside me stirs up a whirlpool from which rises the fire of desire to dissolve with the Universe. I am the Universe”.

The Wild Unknown explores this relationship with the Universe. How do the elements which make up this vastness dance their dance within us? What keeps us grounded like the earth, what stirs the passionate fires of desire, what emotions flow like water within us, how does the air cure our maladies and how each of the dancers take their journey to connect with the ether. We invite you to be a part of this exploration into The Wild Unknown.

Performers: Martiya Dance Community
Choreographed and curated by Kavya Viswanathan (artistic director)
Date and time: 23rd June, 7:30pm to 8 30pm
Venue: Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices
Tickets: BookmyShow
Video credits: Santosh Kamal

This would be our third production, with Abyad-Kale in 2016 and The Wild Unknown in 2017. Abyad-Kale was dance poetry exploring the various colors of human emotions through existing gypsy stories, both fictional and real life, while The Wild Unknown 1.0 was about exploring the kind of stories the body memory invokes in response to a given subject or a piece of music.

In continuation with the exploration of sharing stories through movement, this time we delve deeper. All life is made up of the five elements, Air, Water, Wind, Fire and Ether. We journey with you into the magical world of nature, connecting to its elements and feel its manifestation in us humans. Nature is our greatest teacher, if we learn to listen. It is said that the one who understands how these elements work, has understood life itself. The show is choreographed and curated by Kavya Viswanathan , Martiya’s artistic director.


About the artists

Martiya Dance Community, founded in 2013, is dedicated to encouraging self expression and wellness for women through dance. Our philosophy is based on the belief that art is a process of introspection. Through expressive movements we facilitate the exploration and managing of emotions, thereby setting a clear direction towards self – love and building self-confidence.

Kavya Viswanathan artistic director of Martiya, has been teaching and dancing professionally in the city since 2008. Though the core dance form she practices is categorized under bellydance, she prefers to call herself a plain “dancer”. This is because over the years she has been trained in many movement art forms, ranging from contemporary, ballet, Jazz, Bharatanatyam, Odissi & Urban dances. This has resulted in the body finding its own unique form of movement expression. The understanding of our unique body rhythmn and how that can be trained and used to create work of art that reaches out to the world, forms the basis of her instructions and dance works.