The Space Jam

Dance-Movement Somatic
Community Event

Sun, 03 Nov 2019 6PM - 8PM

Pay as you wish

Pay as you wish

Please come on time, at 6pm to learn some games and be introduced gently into the exploration for the evening.

Come move!

Calling all movers (experienced and not) to a monthly unplugged jam! A platform meant to encourage movement – providing a safe held space where bodies can move, react to, and interact with the music, themselves, the space itself and each other.

Never jammed before? That’s perfectly fine! There will be experienced jammers to help you along. And other novices exploring alongside you! Bring your bodies. Bring friends along too. The event is free and open to all. See you in our expansive, breezy studio, you lovely moving people. 🙂

Led by Asha Ponikiewska


A movement jam
6pm – 8pm
Open to all / No prior experience needed
Free entry / Contributions by donation are welcome