Tea Ceremony and the Taste of Zen


Sat, 14 Jul 2018 230 PM - 5 PM


An invitation
to experience
Beauty and Silence of Zen.

This is a meditative-art session wherein we taste green tea in an aesthetic setting while exploring essence of Zen through stories, haiku and more.

Nothing is ordinary in the eyes of Zen; everything is extraordinary because everything is divine. Zen Masters have transformed ordinary things like tea-drinking into ceremonies.

The tea ceremony is a great meditation. Smell and taste the tea, sit silently and absorb the essence of Zen… the idea is to rejoice the beauty of the present moment.

For Zen, immediate is ultimate; the whole purpose of Zen is to bring us here-now. And we let that space of silence to speak… may be by sharing stories, haiku, poetry or exploring some Zen art…whatever transpires in that moment.

The ceremony is facilitated by Vivek Anand (Vee)

Given the nature of this ceremony, will be able to accommodate a small group – maximum of 10 participants. Please do book in advance if you are interested.

Before you go, a haiku from Ikkyu for you to enjoy:

A Fallen Leaf
Returning to the branch?