Kushboo’s T-party

Dance-Movement Music Theater

Fri, 12 Apr 2019 7.30 PM

Rs 200 cover* / Rs 500 with f&b

Kushboo’s T-party is for all wonderers wandering in Wonder land . Welcome to my head. Come explore your dreams over a cuppa. .. eat some magical food..and I will take you to my crazy world

Kushboo’s T-party
Fri, 12 April 2019
Open to all
Rs 200 cover* / Rs 500 with f&b

About the Event:

“Most of my childhood was spent escaping into fantasy worlds – be it through books, movies or just sitting on a bench staring into space. Today, I bring my fantasies to life for all of you.

I am your hostess, Kushboo the Kween, and this is my T-party!

My election manifesto to you, humans, is to bring queers and peers together to more spaces, to just have a good time and be ourselves with abandon. The theme for my very first T-party is the story of Alice in Wonderland.” – Kushboo the Kween

Wonderland is a place for all colors of the rainbow, where all misfits fit in. And from now on, Shoonya is your Wonderland . So every month, join me, your very own royal highness Kushboo the Kween Mary Elizabeth the First yas gawd *pop*, for a little ‘Garden Party’ .

It’s going to be unreal.


What we hope this series to become?

Every month Kushboo will have a little T-party , and everyone is welcome at her table.

We hope to become a moment away from reality; where she share her fantasies with you. Come enjoy some community, laugh a little, and have a good time.  For those who want to share some art, some words, some drama, dance..anything else …this is the place for you!


What can you expect?

To be told a story, and ride the waves of a movement .

What is this movement you say?

To create accessible queer friendly artistic and speakeasy spaces in Bengaluru!


What Kushboo need from you?

“As your kind and generous queen, I hereby decree that you are free to be who you want to while you stay in my Queendom for a few hours.  Whether you come in stunning costumes, or in torn nightclothes, you will be welcome. Bring your looks, walk the floor, showcase your skills …or just relax over good food, conversation and entertainment.

This is a safe and easy space, with beautiful food and a beautiful Queen to keep you satiated. Hang out with some fabulous people or if you’re in the mood, get up on stage with your skit!

Get in touch before hand with queries and registrations!” – Kushboo the Kween

About the Kween
Kushboo is a first generation drag queen from India who has been performing across the countries for a year now. Named Kush as a boy, he re-appropriated the name his bullies called him in school, and made ‘Kushboo’ his source of strength. As a drag artist, Kushboo’s own body is her canvas, makeup her paint and the stage her exhibition.