Kushboo’s T – Party

Dance-Movement Music

Fri, 24 May 2019 7 PM


Rs 200 cover* / Rs 500 (inclusive of a meal)

Kushboo’s T- Party
Fri, 24th May 2019
Theme : Coven
Open to all
Rs 200 cover* / Rs 500 (inclusive of a meal)

A T-party is where everyone spills their Truth, and for this episode, your drag-queen hostess, Kushboo invites you to a magical evening of expression, conversation and games. Covens are safe spaces where witches gather to escape mainstream society. At these gatherings, witches talk, entertain and essentially explore their inner magic together. The world can be a tough place, and instead of escaping, the secret is to find your tribe.

Feel your inner demons and parade them to Kushboo’s T-party.

Host performance: drag show and conversations
Featured artists/speakers: contact me and register for a fixed slot!
Themed games: Witches’ Karaoke
Open floor: showcase your looks, perform your piece

Amenities available:
-Cosy and safe floor to perform and talk
-Changing room to get ready
-Café for Food and Beverages
-Themed photo booth for selfies
Get in touch for more details about time-durations, amenities etc

About the Kween:
Kushboo is a first generation drag queen from India who has been performing across the countries for a year now. Named Kush as a boy, he re-appropriated the name his bullies called him in school, and made ‘Kushboo’ his source of strength. As a drag artist, Kushboo’s own body is her canvas, makeup her paint and the stage her exhibition.