Introduction to the Shamanic Way

Alternative Healing

Sat, 29 Sep 2018 10 AM - 3.30 PM


(includes lunch, material and one 2-hour individual session)

|| Details

What: An introductory workshop in Shamanic practice
Date: Sat – Wed | 29 Sept – 3 Oct
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm (followed by lunch)
For: 18+ years
*No. of participants: 10 max.
*Beatrice has limited the course to an intimate 10 people as the work is intensive and very personal, and so each person can get her full attention over the week you have together.

Shamanism is probably the oldest method that uses consciousness for life help and to solve problems. It brings us in contact with our original power and trust, and with the spiritual world which is protecting, guiding and suinpporting us. By remembering the original harmony of the All-One and relating ordinary reality with extraordinary reality there can be change, healing, and new orientation.

In this course you will be introduced to Shamanic journeying which brings us in touch with our helpers from the spiritual world. We will learn to listen again to our intuition, our inner voice, to be more able to follow our inner guidance on our path of life. We will explore the world within each of us, the stories we get identified with and how we can become strangers to ourselves. We can sing and dance our Soul Song united with the Great Song, and so we sing the stranger onto the path of destiny, our way home. We are creating holy space in which the change can happen of itself, instead of us trying to make change happen. When we return to a life of balance, healing follows.

We become the storytellers of our true inner stories, our true inner visions to dream into being a possible world we would like to live in.














|| Structure

In this workshop Béatrice Simmons will offer group sessions, ceremonies, and individual work.

People who have prior experience with Béatrice’s work or Shamanism are welcome to participate to further their individual journeys with the work. The nature of the work isn’t linear, and it is of great benefit to revisit the work for those wishing to continue and strengthen their practice. You will always experience something new and deepen your journey.

Béatrice has limited the course to an intimate 10 people so she can give each participant her attention over the 5 days that you have together. She will also take Individual sessions which will be scheduled for the participants before and after the workshop hours during the five days.

This is Béatrice’s fourth time conducting this workshop in India. A community is forming. Come be a part of it.

Call 9535602420 for any queries.


|| Registration

Fee: Rs. 16,500 (includes lunch, one 2-hour individual session – to be scheduled during the week, and your personal fragrance)
To inquire please write to us at
*Only 10 seats

* * *
The week will be followed by a 3-Day Deepening on Elemental Wisdom, after a day’s gap, that those who have done the intro can attend to go further in their practice and work.
October 5th – 7th, 10am – 5pm
Fee = Rs. 9,000 | For those who are doing both the introduction and deepening = Rs. 4,000 off


|| About the Practitioner

Béatrice Simmons-Heiz runs a private practice in Shamanic work in her “Attara” Atelier in Switzerland. She has worked with different Shamanic teachers and healers, which includes the ‘Teacher Training’ and ‘Medicine for the Earth’ with Sandra Ingerman and she is an Initiated Pathfinder and an ordained Elder of the Wolven Path Tradition. She has extensive experience in group and individual Shamanic work. She is connected worldwide with Shaman communities and is offering her work in different countries.