Introduction & Evolution of Reiki


Sat, 07 Sep 2019 07 Sept
10.30AM - 04.30PM


Introduction & Evolution of Reiki

WHEN: Saturday Sept 7th, 10.30am – 04.30pm (includes a lunch break of 1 hour)


What is Reiki? How does energy healing work? Where did it originate? What does giving and receiving Reiki feel like? Why Reiki? Do I need healing? How do I become a Reiki practitioner? Is it really for me?

If you resonate with any of the above questions, this workshop is for you! An experiential workshop , covering the journey of Reiki, from an integrative Japanese meditation and healing modality to one of the most popular complementary therapies in the world. Clarify any questions you have, and gain a better understanding of the journey of becoming a Reiki practitioner and the rising popularity of this very simple to learn energy therapy.

The workshop includes an ‘attunement’ to Reiki where you will be able to experience the energy flow through your own hands, giving and receiving Reiki with other participants.

With a Reiki attunement, the body’s connection to universal life force energy is re-opened and cleared so that it may flow freely through practitioners to give themselves or others Reiki. The workshop also equips you with information, practices and self treatments with Reiki, allowing the experience of balance, peace and oneness with Universal energy. The class is also open for existing Reiki practitioners and is a great opportunity to deepen their experience and practice with Reiki, and enjoy a day of balance & relaxation. It is also a great way to introduce friends/family to Reiki.

The Workshop Includes:

1. Introduction to energy & healing
2. The evolution of Reiki
3. Heart Attunement – that will enable the Reiki to flow through your hands temporarily
4. An overview of the Chakra system and a Reiki Chakra balancing treatment
5. Giving yourself, your family, friends, pets, plants a Reiki treatment
6. The 5 elements of Reiki
7. The traditional Reiki principles and their practical applications today
8. Traditional Reiki Meditations
9. Experiencing a Life Long Easy-to-Use Healing Tool (Priceless!)

The workshop is open to anyone above 12 years of age.

Limited seats!


Fee: Rs.3,600
You can either use the link above to register or write to for other options for payment.


Facilitated by Meghna Kamath, trained under the masterful guidance of renowned Reiki Grand Master Elaine Grundy, Founder, Reiki Centre, Singapore; she teaches the traditional Usui Method which requires no belief, religious bias or spiritual background. Her approach is grounded and thorough, backed by research and credibility. A large part of her work is to demystify Reiki, making it approachable, relevant and practical for people to experience firsthand.

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