Individual Shamanic Sessions with Béatrice Simmons

Individual Sessions

Tue, 09 Oct 2018 9 - 25 OCT 2018
Time scheduled after registration

Fee: Rs 3,000/- for 1st session, Rs 2,500/- for 2nd session

“It was a powerful, cleansing and empowering experience to invite clarity, despite my fears and attachment to the ‘stories’ I had been telling myself about my life. I am never going to be the same again.” 


What: Individual shamanic consultations with Beatrice Simmons
When: 9 – 11 + 16 – 25 Oct
Time: Scheduled after registration
For: Open to all above the age of 18
Fee: Rs 3,000/- for 1st session, Rs 2,500/- for 2nd session
Seats: 27


“Shamanism” is probably the oldest method that uses consciousness for life help and to solve problems. It brings us in contact with our original power and trust, and with the spiritual world which is protecting, guiding and supporting us. By remembering the original harmony of the One and relating ordinary reality with extraordinary reality there can be change, healing, and new orientation.

People who have prior experience are welcome to participate, to further their individual journeys with the work. The nature of the work is not linear, and it is of great benefit to revisit the work for those wishing to continue and strengthen their practice and deepen their journey.


Béatrice Simmons-Heiz runs a private practice in Shamanic work in her Attara Atelier in Switzerland. She has worked with different Teachers and Healers, which includes the Teacher Training and Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingerman. She is also an Initiated Pathfinder and an ordained Elder of the Wolven Path Tradition. Béatrice has extensive experience in group and individual work. She is connected worldwide with various communities and traditions and is offering her work in different countries.