Goddess Sacred Circle

Community Event

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 6 PM - 7.30 PM

Pay as you wish

Goddess Sacred Circle
Wed, June 12th
For Women only / Ages 18+
Fee: By donation, as an introductory offer

About the Session

Bringing together two decades of experience in therapeutic and transformational Yoga and deep learning in Functional Medicine Nutrition, Phytothrive truly understands the unique body, mind and spirit. Functional Nutrition is at the forefront of cutting edge healthcare today. Phytothrive focuses on merging together the deep rationality of the Functional Medicine world with the deep symbolism of yoga. Using the synergy of training in Functional Medicine Nutrition, Yoga and Chakra Food & Energy, we strive to bring about a balance between the right and the left brain, creative and the logical, the feminine and the masculine, the symbolism and the science. If you are looking for mastery in your body and mind using the latest information and the most ancient science, Phytothrive is the space! Bringing together that masterful understanding of the human anatomy with a powerful understanding of physiology, we offer what can only be classified as true bio-individual mind body and spirit nutrition.

About the Teacher

Deepa Kannan, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Yogini
A Yogini who has transformed her thoughts, beliefs and health into reality through hard work, dedication, patience and perseverance, Deepa understands the individual with great depth. Food critic, connoisseur chef, maverick perfectionist, go-getter and a compassionate human being, Deepa can be summed up to be a holistic Functional Nutrition counsellor for mindful, healthful, and joyful living. An avid researcher, adaptive personality to the changes life brings, she uplifts others to practice what she recommends about well being and happiness, in order to bring revitalising change, so they can transform their health, body, mind and spirit.

About Phytothrive

Phytothrive, Functional Nutrition Redefined, was born from the churning of today’s lifestyle difficulties and diseases that is growing at a frighteningly rapid pace worldwide. The redefining moment was the discovery of Functional Medicine and Nutrition by Deepa, and how it positively and powerfully impacted her own personal health challenges. A holistic approach based on the principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition was the need of the hour. Being Yoga Gurus par excellence for two decades, the Founders of Phytothrive saw the ultimate journey of today’s generation from lifestyle catastrophes towards transformative healing, and from this vision and compassion, Phytothrive was born. With a vision to transform preventative healthcare through Functional Nutrition, Phytothrive aims to offer multiple programs from bio-individual counselling to group cleanses and detoxes targeted at specific change. All over the world, nutrition evolves constantly.

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