Sat, 07 Dec 2019 7th and 8th Dec, 7.30pm


Footnotes is a devised play based on reflections of a cynic and an optimist. The two actors explore the significance of yellow buses and dance fitness while they create footnotes in their lives. Gender, love, sexuality, mental health, fears, trauma, and childhoods are explored and relived by the actors. They heal not only themselves but each other through one another. Pain, humor, and catharsis are used to transport the audience through their universally lived experiences.

Director- Prajwal HP

Creative Producer- Samragni Dasgupta
Project Manager- Tanya Ballal
Production Manager: Jayanth BS
Photo and Video- Prajwal HP

The Cast:
S- Siddarth Manohar
M- Mira Swaminathan

Produced by Last Page Collective

Dec 7th and 8th, 7.30pm


About Last Page Collective:

Last Page Collective is a group of young artists who came together to create a platform that allows the youth of Bangalore to express themselves, uninhibitedly. The idea to create this collective began with a simple frustration that all the youth of Bangalore have faced at one point or the other, the lack of public space to express themselves. A single sentence created the starting point of this journey, “Macha what are we even doing with our lives? We don’t even have a proper space to perform. How can we even call ourselves artists?” That sentence took shape and has resulted in the creation of a community run by youngsters, called Last Page Collective.