FLUID | Training for dancers


Every Tuesday - Friday TUE - FRI
8.30 AM - 10 AM

200 - 2,400

Daily drop-in = Rs 200
16-class pass = Rs 2400

Regular Movement Training for dancers and movers.

“At Shoonya, every week we march. And we march with our field masters! Every week we have our Dance Masters who will help you move steadily towards liberating and honing your body’s movement, musicality, mind and creativity. Are you ready? Then come on, join the crew and march on the dance floor!”

The Fluid class series was started by The Kha Foundation early in 2016, with the aim of making daily contemporary movement classes accessible to practicing dancers and teachers in Bangalore. In these open classes, physical training is emphasised, so that people in the dance scene can move together and work their bodies regularly. Teachers in the series rotate, so that students can take advantage of the amazing diversity of experience and techniques available.

In 2017, Fluid had a slightly different structure, catering to professional dancers and beginners/dancers with less experience. Teachers lead classes for a week at a time. While the focus will remain on contemporary dance, Flexible Fridays will be open to other forms, such as Ballet, Seraikella Chhau, Hip Hop, Kalarippayattu, Bharatanatyam and more.

In 2018, Fluid is now open to movers from all backgrounds. This regular physical training is essential for performers and teachers, so that they can continue to build on kinaesthetic awareness, proprioception, and increase their flexibility and strength everyday. Practising everyday increases the scope of possibility in movement and thought. The open class culture that is prevalent in other countries is still growing in India, and the Fluid series is an excellent resource for professionals and aspiring dancers.

Drop-in’s and donations towards scholarships are welcome.

We also have FLUID loyalty cards! Attend 3 classes and get your 4th one for free. Come collect your free loyalty card whenever you drop in to the venue.