Einsteins Dreams – A Dance-Theatre Production – Work in progress

Dance-Movement Theater

Sat, 26 Jan 2019 6:55 PM

EINSTEIN’S DREAMS is an original adaptation-dramatization of the highly acclaimed novel by the physicist-novelist Alan Lightman at MIT. It is based on archival material revealing the day-dreaming sketches and notes of Einstein while working as a clerk at the Patent Office in Berne. Many of these sketches went on to become the century’s most celebrated scientific papers. BLT has the permission of Prof. Lightman for the stage adaptation. The theatre production is a unique combination of text and choreography, representing the fantasy world in Einstein’s mind, finding its way into scientific treatises. The production will premiere with shows at Shoonya and Alliance Francaise. It is co-directed by Vibhinna Ramdev and Vijay Padaki.

Sat  / 26 Jan
Free Entry
Limited seating, first-come-served.
NOTE: No entry after the play begins.