Tue, 29 Jan 2019 Tue - Sat / 29 Jan - 2 Feb
8 AM - 6:30 PM


About the workshop

Disturbia is a 5 day #workshop, a #playground, or even a #battlefield for #actors,#performers,#movers and #dreamers. The workshop explores the #physical and the non physical of the #actor. Warm up, #explore body, explore #sound, explore #failure, then explore the #discovery. The workshop attempts in studying an actors #routine and #rituals and the several routes that an actor can take to reach the #character. To come out of the head and present it on the fore.
We start the day at 8am and end it at 630pm.
The fees for the workshop is Rs 6000

Contact 9483511147/9591088050 for other details.

About the facilitators

Vijay Krishna, Actor/performer turned theatre maker, who has worked with several actors, performers, #musicians, #directors from varying #cultures and thoughts through the last decade. My work tries to explore the body as a malleable source of #expression, to tell stories, paint pictures, to control space and time. His work is inspired by a wide array of forms, like #kalaripayattu, #panictheatre, #circus, #folkloric #storytelling and much more. Using both #academic and #impulsive methods, my research starts with observing the body to eventually use it for a performer’s flight. To move is fine clarity, clarity of space, of an idea, of abstractions, of smell, of impulses and to follow these impulses wherever they may lead us.There’s a pot full of gold behind the rainbow.

Stamatis Efstathiou, Arka Mukhopadhyay, Instabili Vaganti, Siddhanth Sundar are but a few creators he has had the pleasure of working with and stealing information from, stealing being the key-word. His work will look at #movement being as aesthetic approach for expression. To find various different possibilities and methods to limber up the #body to speak. Through the help of certain trigger mechanisms, finding and nurturing the possibililty of dialogues through one’s own flesh.

Siddhanth sundar , actor, director and musician is an independent artist living in Bangalore. His plays and films continuously explore #urban loneliness, #sexuality, space and time, abuse, #humanconditioning, and most of all the #humor or #tragedy hidden in all of it. He runs LIGHTS OFF, a small theatre company which aims at finding stories in the most complex questions. He has facilitated several theatre workshops across the country meeting hundreds of actors, working extensively on the #musicality of actors, #magicrealism, #gibberish and the fear of vulnerability.
He has performed at the Swedish Improv festival at Uppsala, where he learnt about making a scene out of nothing, the starting point to devising, he adds. His most fascinating collaboration though has been with his alma mater Indianostrum in Pondicherry where his journey towards understanding the difference between a character and an actor started. Rituals and ploys, playing and finding, waiting and wondering, holding on to the silence and letting go off the noise, his recent play Padagu, has affirmed in him that, the joy of being vulnerable on stage, will create everything, while the actor just has to be present, real and sincere.