ARUKU : Physical Theatre – Butoh Workshop


Tue, 18 Sep 2018 5PM - 8PM


What: Physical Workshop culminating in performance of ARUKU
When: Sep 18-19-20
Time: 5 pm to 8 pm
Fee: INR 2000/-
Limited Seats: Only 20 people Max
Age limit: 15+
Note: Wear comfortable clothing
Arrive at least 20 min before the workshop begins.

Facilitated by-

Leading Japanese Director Mr.Hiroshi Ohashi & Butoh Master Takumi Harada

About Aruku Workshop

“Aruku / Walking” “Walking”, the fundamental act of human beings continues eternally. Performers just repeat “backward and forward”, developing orderly or chaotically with the purpose of changing “Here and Now” to “That time and That place”. Eternal time in the ancient and the Asian now are jumbled. We will open a workshop in each place and invite performances. It is an exceptional body performance in the world, revealing the primitive energy latent in the Asian body. Scattered memory, illusion, hope and will from history and the present of the city will rise up to the surface. Different style of two collaborative creations. “Abstract” performing action and “Narrative” performing expression. There is no linear story, though it evokes multiple interpretations and imaginations with fragments of voice, word and movement.

About AMA

It is the past, the present and the future of Asia, and numerous invisible walls exist. Break down the walls with Body and Voice. Transcend border. Transcend culture, ethnicity, gender and religion. Visualize hiden Asia and reveal the voice of silent Asia. We, Asia meets Asia will co-create two pieces of theater work with performers from six cities, and bring them to three cities in India for performance. We will open workshop in each city and ask participants to join on our stage. “Touring team” is composed of actor, dancer, musician and director from six cities in Asia including Bangalore, Imphal, HongKong, Shanghai, Baguio, and Tokyo.