Animist Practice Open Workshop Drumming Our Way Home


Sat, 25 May 2019 10 AM - 5 PM


Includes Lunch

The Wisdom of the Ancestors
Listening to our Heartbeat – Drumming our way Home

Saturday, 25 May
10am – 5pm
Rs 3,000 (includes lunch)

About the session:

Have you been wondering what animism is? Have you felt a certain pull from this word and work? Have you felt a certain calling that seems to resonate with something old, something forgotten, or something dreaming and searching within you?

There is a way of life that brings us in contact with a sacred ancient wisdom so we may start to find our path home. A way of life that our ancestors knew and that acknowledged our connection to everything around us, in this physical plane, in dream and beyond. This wisdom, this way of living, is referred to as shamanism in certain cultures. It brings us in contact with our original power and trust, and with the spiritual world which is protecting, guiding and supporting us.

For the first time at Shoonya, we are organising a one-day workshop, where all are welcome to experience this work. We will meet in the Shoonya Mari studio to drum and connect – to our selves, to our inner songs, to the beat of our hearts and the planet we live in and are a part of. You will also be introduced to the tool of journeying, an ancient tool our ancestors have used for generations to tap into the wisdom of our consciousness, to guide us on our paths in life.

Bring a drum or rattles or any other instrument if you have one. Most importantly, just bring yourselves. You may ask questions about the work, meet other likeminded souls searching for guidance, grounding and balance. And you can come drum, sing, move and be, in a safe, held transformative space, in communion within and without. Come with many questions, with curiosity, as you are.

After attending this one-day intro, you are invited to join the monthly 13 Moons journey and drum circle, that happens every last Sunday evening of the month at Shoonya Mari, which is anchored by Béatrice’s apprentices. The 13 Moons is a monthly meeting to explore the existing phase of the moon and what it teaches us as we cycle through the year and our paths in life.

For who is this programme: 
Open to All. This session would be of interest to all who are seeking answers or direction in their lives, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

What to wear/bring with you:
1) Wear comfortable clothing – something you can sit on the floor and lie down in easily
2) Notebook/pens/colour pencils etc. to take notes
3) A floor cushion if you’d like to sit on
4) A scarf or stole to cover your eyes while journeying
2) Rattles/drum (optional)

About the Teacher:

Béatrice Simmons-Heiz runs a private practice in her Attara Atelier in Switzerland with different features including healing work, fragrance work and the Alexander Technique. She has worked with different teachers and healers, which includes completing the Teacher Training and Medicine for the Earth trainings with Sandra Ingerman. She is an Initiated Pathfinder and an ordained Elder of The Wolven Path Tradition. She has extensive experience in group and individual healing work. She is connected worldwide with healing communities and is offering her work in different countries. She has done extensive work in India as well including seven introductory workshops, four deepening retreats and workshops for artists and the community here at Shoonya.