Alexander Technique: A Weekend Workshop


Sat, 05 Oct 2019 Sat & Sun | 10:00am - 2:30pm


For: Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to participate

“The experience put to shame all that I had heard of the technique. For it wasn’t only about posture. It was a lot about how we value and ‘see’ ourselves.” – a past participant of the workshop at Shoonya

We’re happy to bring back the much-wanted weekend Alexander Technique workshop!

|| Details

What: An experiential introduction to the Alexander Technique, a somatic practice used to improve efficiency of movement, overall functioning and use of the body.
Date: Sat, Sun | 5 and 6 Oct, 2019
Time: 10:00am – 2:30pm

Developed by F. Matthias Alexander in 1894 this technique is essentially a re-educative self-help system that promotes better health by improving posture, coordination and breathing. It is used by people from all backgrounds and all ages both in the arts, in offices and businesses, at home and in all sporting activities. Doctors frequently recommend a course of lessons to their patients to assist with poor posture, whiplash injury, all kinds of back problems (including slipped discs) or with respiratory troubles. Many well known celebrities and performers take lessons to manage stress and improve their performance in whatever they do.

Alexander Technique gives you a totally new experience of yourself – a harmonious integration of body and mind. Unconscious tension is released, you feel lighter, gain more life energy, move with greater freedom and breathe more deeply. The self-help method teaches you greater consciousness of your posture, breathing, thinking and movement patterns. This has a therapeutic effect as you come in touch again with your kinaesthetic sense.

It is widely used by people to:
1. Help relieve pain
2. Improve performance and coordination in any activity
3. Prevent injury and fatigue
4. Release unnecessary tension
5. Find a balanced, flowing, and powerful expression of self
6. Improve and enhance the practice of artists like actors, musicians, dancers, and performers

People who have prior experience with Alexander Technique are welcome to participate, to further their individual journeys with the work. The nature of the work is not linear, and it is of great benefit to revisit the work for those wishing to continue and strengthen their practice.

The facilitator has limited the course to an intimate 15 people so she can give each student proper attention and care. Please reserve your spot in advance.

About the Facilitator

ROBIN JOHN SIMMONS (SBAT, MSTAT) has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1971 and training teachers since 1982. At present he resides in Switzerland and is the Co-Director of his training school, ATLAZ, in Zürich along with his wife Béatrice. He also teaches T’ai Chi, Nordic Walking, Dart Evolution Procedures, and is the author of the pathbreaking work ‘The Evolution of Movement’.


Strictly no refunds, no transfer. Right to admission reserved.