A Shared Evening • Relax into your Being • Deham • Sujood


Fri, 21 Feb 2020 21 Feb
7.30 pm


A Shared Evening
Relax into your Being • Deham • Sujood
Friday, 21 Feb
7.30 pm
Entry : Rs 200

Snigdha Prabhakar premieres her latest Solo work :
Relax into your being

Followed by two works in progress :
Deham – Raam Kumar
Sujood – Akhil Jamkhandi

|| Relax Into Your Being :
Have I always been the same or have I evolved, can I question my experiences, experiences that
have catalysed the change that led to the present me. Where I currently am as an emotional
being. The performance of the piece is an expression of me, surrender to my being, as is, as I
am. I intend the journey of this process to be a celebration of my experiences, harsh or joyful,
just as they were, with the hope they find home in the shared evoked memories of the viewers.
It finds home in conversation of our relatable past, it heals us through conversation. The crux of
my process lies in recreating the bodily reaction to these experiences.

About Snigdha :
Snigdha Prabhakar is a Bangalore based independent artist, dancer, choreographer, teacher. She was introduced to the world of contemporary dancing in the year 2008. Since then she has been training professionally and performing.

She took formal movement education from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in the year 2013-14 and also did a course on choreography pedagogy and performance the following year. Worked there as a company dancer for five years and performed, taught, nationally and internationally with them. Prior to this Snigdha was trained in Bharatanatyam and street forms like house hip hop, locking and breaking. She continues developing a movement vocabulary that finds a bridging medium with her knowledge of movement culture.
Her first idea of creation was conceived in 2015. Which was funded by the programme called The Bench India in the year 2017. The piece was called Relax Into Your being. Which has finally taken the journey to become a full length production and will be performed on 21 st Feb 2020.

Deham by Raam Kuar

Deham is a physical theatre experimentation that works with the idea of accentuating the minor triggers that influences our physicality to identify the depth of how we feel externally and internally.
Though we all are same with our physical presence, our way of understanding experiences are not even vaguely similar.

Here we attempt to explore our gross body and its relationship with the surrounding space and the space within itself and use this element to understand one’s being ,one’s identity and parallel identities coexisting with in the self.
Our senses are the most important aspects with which our body and our self perceive and respond to our surroundings. Thus through the process we try to explore these elements and how they trigger different kinds of emotion in us, or the mental state they take us to.
Deham would also like to show how different contradicting elements coexist in us. These elements are both physical and psychological.

As a whole this piece helps us to portray our innate experiences.