Citizens of Stage Co Lab is a vivacious collective of dancers, some among the finest movers in the country. Working together in the state of the art Shoonya studios they create work that doesn’t compromise on skill, finesse, artistry and emotion. They are mostly mid-career artists with rich experience and yet the curiosity to do more. They believe in remaining independent and yet being part of a collective community. These dancers have come together to share the joy and beauty of contemporary dance with their home – Bangalore and India. They are all artists pushing the boundaries and working on themselves in order to shift the energy in the community. The people around us need art and they need movement. Whether you are in an office all day or are a child or senior citizen. Whether you are a student or an artist from another genre, a parent or a sportsperson, the collective has something meaningful to offer you.

That is what the collective firmly believes.

Through our performances, classes, workshops and other offerings, this is what we are trying to do. And at the same time we get to have fun, get fit, meet people, build community and experience something new. That’s the power of dance.

The collective has choreographed and performed at the launch of an international clothing brand in Bangalore, choreographed and starred in the soon to be released video of a leading Indian rock band, among others, and has conducted workshops as part of movement-based events around the country.

We feel, being contemporary thinking moving artists, we would like to work with artists, companies and brands that value movement, artistry and a strong voice. Where our years of training, passion and commitment would weave together with theirs to create a rich tapestry for the contemporary Indian audience to enjoy. We are always open to exploring how we can create new and interesting ways to share the power and beauty of dance with the community.

Please get in touch with us at to work with us.

Find us on facebook here and on instagram @citizensofstage, and on youtube here.



The collective offers a range of classes at Shoonya.

Ongoing and upcoming classes:

  1. 4-month Contemprary Module – starting Jan 7th, 2019
  2. 3-month Community Contemporary Saturdays – starting Jan 5th, 2019
  3. 1-month Vinyasa Yoga Module


The collective has just finished working with renowned choreographer Bruno Catalano (of Piccoli Production) to premiere a piece on November 16, 2018. Details here.