Testimonials from past participants of Shoonya workshops with Béatrice:

“We dug into our fears and insecurities and allowed ourselves to be convinced that we matter, that we can do and be whatever we want. And that we are loved! We learnt how to love ourselves.”

“It was a powerful, cleansing and empowering experience to invite clarity, despite my fears and attachment to the ‘stories’ I had been telling myself about my life. I am never going to be the same again. Thanks to Béatrice for creating such a powerful and evocative space that all of us melted down and shared of ourselves and received her wisdom readily and gratefully.”

“Though I’ve attended many workshops in Alternative Healing – this is truly one of a kind. Beatrice is absolutely wonderful and opened up essential doorways for me.”

“The experience has been soul-stirring for me and fulfilled a long-awaited journey. I would not want anything different or see what I needed more. Thank you for introducing Béatrice to us, she will always hold that special place in my heart. “

“A wonderful and enriching celebration of nature, the five elements and the spirit. It was deeply touching due to the sincere and devoted way it was conducted by the gentle Béatrice. The positive energy was very cleansing, healing and rejuvenating.”

“This work called to me, and it reopened magical doorways in me that I had almost completely forgotten and dismissed. The world is starting to make sense again. It raises many questions as well, but that is to be expected as the journey has just begun. I am grateful to have a teacher like Béatrice as my guide on that journey.”

“I found it really enjoyable. Beatrice was a fantastic facilitator – very open and generous with all of us. She was able to work with a wide range of experience and approaches, including my slightly skeptical one.” – an artist weekend workshop participant